Saturday, October 5, 2013

Welcome Back! Your Dreams Were Your Ticket Out...

So, I’m going to try to get into being more regular with this blog. I never was very regular but, if you’ve noticed, I’ve been on a hiatus that lasted over a year. Last year, the first derailment of the blog was my Halloween costume. My office actually has a costume competition every year and I wanted to go as Queen Elizabeth I. The costume ate a lot of my free time in September and October, with a mad dash at the end to complete it. However, I did manage to do so and I won…so it was worth it. This year, I started my costume in July and it’s…mostly complete now. I hope to avoid the mad dash of last year.

The other reason I backed away from the blog is I was hoping to focus on fiction and get a novel pumped out. That didn’t happen either. I have found that my writing style is probably best suited for non-fiction as I tend to be conversational (which is awesome when writing dialogue, not so good when trying to develop action).  This leaves me firmly entrenched in non-fiction.  Which, while it’s still a creative outlet, really diminishes the likelihood of my becoming a famous author and thus rich through my writing.  The problem is that many of the ideas I have had lately have already been discussed at length by people who are “more out there” than I am (not necessarily Big Name Pagans, but at least Mid-level Name Pagans who seem like they are Big Name Pagans to me), being a pretty much No-Name Pagan.

In most recent developments, Barnabus and I have been accepted to train as distance students in a Traditional Witchcraft coven, which we are both very excited about, but which will probably only be discussed here in very vague terms.  Not because we feel we’re getting any super-secret, oath-bound information, but because it’s quite frankly not something easily discussed.  I’ve never been a student of anyone’s before (in Pagan or Witch related things anyway), and I’m not exactly sure how it will go. Only time will tell.

So, that’s where we’re at right now.


May you be blessed by whichever gods you fancy,

BellaDonna Saberhagen

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