Monday, August 1, 2011

I have an article published in Witchvox! yay!

 BellaDonna Saberhagen here.
Check out Witchvox for my article, The Chicken or the Egg:

So, I got a response. It wasn't very nice, but judging from said response, it was from a loon. Here's the complete response (as sent): 

"Beleive it or not I am lew. Bloduewed is a Goddess. The Owl Goddess. Yet she is also an avatar, meaning that she incarnates or appears as a mortal from time to time, or an owl. She has other names in other cultures. she is real. there are sons and daughters of the great gods. and then there are the great ones that are all. man did not invent them. we are their children. I still cannot beleive that anyone can even ask the question did we create them? Look around people. Duh!"

 I wasn't going to justify it with a response, since, you know....loony. However, I wanted to rip him apart here, so I decided he deserved a direct response.  So I responded with what I am posting below, because it amused me greatly to write it and well...I warn people I can be a bit of a bitch on my Witchvox profile, so he should have been prepared. Below, his sentences are in bold and my responses are not. Have fun reading; I will post again should he whine at me in the future (or if he somehow miraculously sends me the citations I request).

Beleive it or not I am lew.
You’re right, I don’t believe you.
1.       I think it is audacious to consider yourself the avatar or human incarnation of a deity. As well as rude to those who worship Llew, because if you’re here, how can you respond to their prayers?
2.      You misspelled your name. Even in your profile name, you spell it Llew (though it could also be Lleu, but there is always the double L in the Welsh spelling).
3.       You left the L lower case, giving me reason to believe you think that either yourself or the god Llew is not worthy of being given the due honor of the typical English capitalization of names.
Bloduewed is a Goddess.
Note; I did not say she was not a goddess now, just that her myth denotes that she was not honored as such by the ancient Welsh.
The Owl Goddess.
Being immortal doesn’t make you a goddess. There are plenty of immortals in myths that are not gods (Psyche, wife of Cupid, for one). You need to give me specific citations.
Yet she is also an avatar, meaning that she incarnates or appears as a mortal from time to time, or an owl.
Seems like personal gnosis to me. The myth (the only myth in which she appears) does not give her that option; she was trapped as an owl FOREVER. It may be a valid comment for you, but it is not valid for me. If you want me to swallow this line, you need to give me valid ancient Welsh mythological citations.
She has other names in other cultures.
What names? What cultures? Again, proof is required here and you give none.
she is real.
I never said she wasn’t. I never said any gods weren’t real. There are Pagans who see the gods only as archetypes of the human psyche; I’m not one of those. I believe the gods are real, just that we created them. It might be hard to understand…but. Okay…before man, there were no chairs. We conceived of the idea, and created it. I would not say chairs aren’t real simply because they are created by man.
there are sons and daughters of the great gods.
 What does this have to do with Blodeuwedd?  Are you talking about demi-gods or actual divine couplings (Like The Morrigan and The Dagda being parents of The Bodb Dearg)? Again, if in man’s imagination, these two had sex and had a baby, guess what…they did. I’m not saying that divine children are not real either. You’ve also obviously begun to spiral in your ire….you’ve stopped capitalizing the first words of your sentences.
and then there are the great ones that are all.
All what? Like Gaia? I see Her as so spiritually tied to the Earth that She is the Earth and the Earth is she, but I don’t think that was the case before man made it so. Or are you somehow arguing soft-polytheism, while still claiming that gods can be born in human form?
man did not invent them.
You are free to believe that, as I am free to believe otherwise. One does not make the other a “bad” or “lesser” Pagan.  Check out Fire Lyte’s Project Pagan Enough:
we are their children.
See above response. At least you used the correct “their”. Even if you can’t capitalize properly or spell believe.  (I before E except after C except in cases sounding like A as in weigh).
I still cannot beleive that anyone can even ask the question did we create them?
This is your opinion; again, believing otherwise does not make me a bad Pagan.
Look around people. Duh!
At what? You think there is proof that the gods made us right in front of our faces? Everything is a matter of faith when seeing the gods’ actions and presence in the world around us. Do you REALLY believe Apollo pulls the sun across the sky in his chariot? Or is that a metaphor or a myth created to explain things the ancients did not have the science to understand yet?
Honestly, the fact that you think yourself a god makes me not take you seriously. I almost didn’t justify you with a response since I think those that believe they are gods, fairies, dragons, etc. are deluded. They want to feel super-de-dooperty special, when they are just crazy (and want to justify their crazy with their religion). However, since I intended to post this on my blog, I decided to send it to you.
May you be blessed by whichever gods you fancy,

BellaDonna Saberhagen


  1. The legend has it only a god can kill another god, so with that possibility in mind there is always a possibility for abuse and misuse of power. Ive met those claiming to be many things, I can feel out energies, and sometimes, SOMETIMES, I see people for who and what they really are. As for me, I catch myself yipping like a fox, and its something that cant be helped. I do believe there are actual otherkins, ive met quite a few lately, and sometimes, they prove themselves to me. Its refreshing to meet other Pagans, whether they believe they are Otherkin or not.

  2. Why would a god choose a human body? curiousity I suppose. Theres more to it. My husband knows why I came here, and I remember being shot from the sky for leaving the planet. Someone wanted me to stay here, at all costs. When I learned more about myself, I realized that my high intuition and hermit-like behavior spans many centuries for good reason, its a self preservation mechanism. I dont mind that you dont believe me, or that you like me even less, everyone has a destiny to fulfill, mine is almost done.