Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Week, Another Article

BellaDonna Saberhagen here.
Check out witchvox for my latest article. I have two more pending and am working on another, though that one I seem to have having a hard time organizing. I hope it won't come off as being all-over-the place, but I'm having trouble elucidating my opinion. Maybe I will bring it up to one of my friends tonight, get another opinion on it.

Had an interview today, another comes tomorrow. Still hoping to here back on the one I had last week.

Anyway....not much else to say here...maybe I should work a bit on my fiction pieces for now

Maybe one of these days Barnabus will have some input...

May you be blessed by whichever gods you fancy,

BellaDonna Saberhagen


  1. I clicked here from your Witchvox article. I'm glad to find another former Otherkin. Its very hard for me to talk about that period of my life, and I appreciate your courage for writing about your own personal craziness. (That's taboo, you know) I too find it really difficult to hold religious beliefs of any sort knowing that I have a high propensity for delusion. I still love the Sabbats and the rituals and the stories, but I find it hard to pursue them with any real fervor. However, sometimes I still feel longing for the days when I would call out into the darkness, and I could honestly hear a response. It turns out that it was just an echo.

  2. It's more rare, I think, that someone who left that kind of delusion doesn't declare themselves an atheist. As I explained, as far as I know, Dragon has no religious affiliation and I struggle with it. When I do sense thing or "see" things, I tend to doubt myself. I decided on a line I would draw...any belief that goes against the laws of physics is right out...so not "Three-Fold Return". This also pretty much eliminates astrology, since the constellations the ancients used have changed and new ones have popped up, using a so out-dated a system for timing spells just doesn't make sense to me.

    However, due to string theory and theories of alternate universes, I can believe in magic (as a way of working with energy we haven't figured out scientifically yet) and I can believe in the Otherworld. Since I believe man created gods, that leaves out needing a divine creation story.

    The problem I need to work through is my own self-doubt. I need to be more open to spiritual experience. Finding the balance is difficult, but it can't be impossible.