Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Been a While

Sorry, sorry sorry.

Oh yeah, this is BellaDonna, by the way.

First, our interwebs went bye bye, then I got a new job...working all day at a computer screen   (this always impacts how much I write.. I need to remind Barnabus that he can write entries too.)

Anyway, since I left you last, two more articles have come and gone on Witchvox. One on Samhain (my goal is to write a series on the get crackin' on Yule) and one on my experiences as a fluff-butt wacko in my early Pagan days.

I have more articles pending on Witchvox. Man, I seem to ruffle feathers...which is a good thing. I like making people think.

I would like to also acknowledge our two new followers, thank you for following us!

I have one article started on the use of modern technology in a ritual setting (why its useful and why you still might not want to use it...this one is proving harder than I thought because I can't seem to think of any modern technology I would use in ritual beyond an electronic music player) and one almost finished on The Elements (needs polished and citations need added, and it needs a good conclusion). I suppose I should polish my elements paper and work on researching Yule.

As for my craft, I am currently working on runes, I used to know them a good deal better than I do now, but lack of use makes one forget (like my German, I can remember the word for ball-point pen, but not for fork); and I am working on a mini-course for Traditional Witchcraft. I'll probably get the full course once Yule is past, money always gets tight this time of year. I am putting in real effort to DO THE STUFF, something I wimped out on in the past.

Anyway, guess I've rambled long enough.

May you be blessed by whichever gods you fancy,

BellaDonna Saberhagen

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